Panorama Viewer

【This application is intended for viewing panoramic images. 】

Panoramic images (360°) and films taken by a digital camera

and scanned images can be reproduced

to the greatest extent possible using iPad/iPhone.

Panorama Viewer
Kazuhira MOKKOU inc.
Panorama Viewer
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* We apologize to those who are seeking film scanning applications! This application has no scanning function.

You can add images manually to an iPad/iPhone connected from iTunes.
Five sample images are available.

This application has been developed for technology demonstration of this firm.
After advertisements and water marks (logos of this firm) are removed, you can use this easily for business applications such as introduction of AR property.

[For convenience]
Using a non-full-size panoramic image (but right and left alignment should be met), you can enjoy panoramic images nearly normally after a blank portion is put in upper and lower areas so that the aspect ratio of [Horizontal : Vertical = 2 : 1] can be obtained and adjusted to a letter box image. 

[Examples of applications]
o Your panoramic images taken by Lomography Spinner 360° and scanned.
o Beautiful full-size panoramic images acquired on the internet paid or at no cost.
o World map (you can look at the world from the rear).

* Almost all images need adjustment.

[Support image format]

   png,  jpg, tif, gif, bmp, xbm

[Noncompliant terminal]
  First generation iPod touch
  Second generation iPod touch
  Third generation iPod touch
  First generation iPad

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